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Will Writing,trusts and over 50's plans

DOES NOT APPLY to people who think death will not affect them.

For the rest there is never a convenient time to die and sudden death couldn't be forseen SO it's essential for nearly everyone to make a Will. No Will known as dying “intestate” their assets and possessions known as their “estate” will follow rules of intestacy. Depending on your circumstances a Will can be complex or less complex but never simple, your unique requirements determine exactly what content needs to be included in it to ensure it is a valid legal document for England and Wales.

A Will allows you to dispose of assets on your death in accordance with your wishes otherwise, if you own investments, pensions or insurance policies the proceeds maybe not be given to people whom you would like to benefit. Your possessions such as jewellery, heirlooms, pieces of art or valuable furniture or simply things of sentiment could cause distress for loved ones as to how these things should be dealt with.

A Will is not just about possessions and money  it also enables you to give directions as to the guardianship of your children and your funeral arrangements. Without a Will, the courts will appoint legal guardians and it is possible for your children to be taken into the care of the local authority.

Considering the magnitude and extreme importance of having this legal document in place by a qualified professional, many people underestimate the gravity of this and may be tempted to write their own will, which is permitted however for those that do, this can and often does lead to problems, it can be costly and distressing for their beneficiaries after their death. Unless your Will is properly written and executed it might not end up as the legal water tight document you had hoped for and leave it intestate, legally invalid.

Furthermore with evermore-fs specialist Will Writers in Manchester, there may be the potential to take advantage of inheritance tax exemptions and/or relief. Making a Will is common sense providing you peace of mind, clarity and financial stability for your loved ones.

Our discretionary trusts can be a highly effective method of protecting your assets from care costs assessment and reducing the burden of probate cost on family inheritance, if implemented and used appropriately. In the correct circumstances they can also be used to help reduce your families inheritance liability.

By utilising a Trust you could also ensure the immediate Capital Gains Tax bill on the transfer of the parent’s property/shares to the children will not become due immediately, if the asset is 'disposed' of at a later date and the asset has increased in value since the value at the date of death Capital Gains Tax may be due then, providing a significant saving. Another advantage of having a Trust in place allows the funds to be accessible to the beneficiaries straight away whilst the remaining assets are frozen as part of the probate.


# You do not choose who looks after any young children.

# Your family home might need to be sold to distribute your estate unless you make the position clear. This could leave your spouse homeless.

# If you were co-habiting without being married, non biological children and your partner will have no automatic right to any of your property. Worse still, they could be evicted.

# There may be disagreements on how your assets are divided. Sadly it is increasingly common for relatives to take court action amongst themselves, splitting families apart.

Our Over 50s Life Plan provides a fixed cash lump sum for your loved ones and premiums are guaranteed never to rise. There's no medical, no health restrictions and no medical questions, so you can apply confident in the knowledge that you are guaranteed to be accepted.

We simply ask that you are aged between 50 and 75 to guarantee your acceptance.

You decide how much you want your family to receive as a cash lump sum on your death and we guarantee that this figure will never be reduced. Once you have decided on how much to pay into your new Plan each month, we promise that these premiums will never increase.

If you choose to nominate your final payout to Golden Leaves, one of  the UK's leading independent pre paid funeral plan provider, they will not only take care of all funeral arrangements but they will also contribute an extra £200 towards the cost.


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